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Dec. 23rd, 2015 @ 11:35 am 20 min development sprint
About this Entry
Story about social hacker who runs a darkweb audio cast about.... what?  I suppose more about society in general?  no idea, really.  just like a blog but audio and on the darkweb.  perhaps not much of interest to hackers, more a social media where the only thing unique about it is that the person obviously knows enough to put it on the darkweb and keep their identity protected.  I guess there isn't much story here.  more a concept.    Perhaps they aren't much of a hacker themselves, not even social. Maybe they just muse on people and solicit people-advice from social hackers. YES. Like - what's the best way to blah blahblah. collects answers. tries to find ways to anonymously do surveys but from this particular, specialized sample set.  I think that's enough to build a character on, although I'm not sure what the story is.  If i were going to research it i'd probably ask the shadowrun players i kno where they get their inspiration for Faces.  Specifically it'd be nice if it were more modern stuff and a little less 'early 2000 con movies' or really any con movies... :/    I want more spontaneous examples and cons tend to be well planned.

let's try again.

Random pull from the "story seeds" box (yes, I have one of those):
Flight Attendant Song

  • (from my idea for a musical based on a fight attendant and set in terminals across the country/world) 

  • google funny schpiels on the internet and whatnot

  • "can we pretend to have your attention"

  • of the 3, one has snarky glasses, one has short hair and 2 visible piercings, and the third is hidden but hilarious voice

This is more of a song than a story, though.  I could do the three box development, but first I'd need to research it.*  How would i want it to sound?  I think I'd either go for smooth and very dry (think "Is That All There Is" by Peggy Lee dry) or some sort of creepy doll music.  I think both could fit with the general circus-esque theme the entire idea has in my head. (For example, going through security is clearly a carnival barker/ringleader meets assembly-line "Speed up the bells" from Ragtime type sound.)  Beyond that, I'm not sure. A lot I think will depend on the words and how they rhythmically fit together...

* the "first I need to research it" thing is usually the thing that usually keeps me from proceeding, though...  I've been on enough flights -  I should be able to lay down something.  If I want to improve it I can research then.  

So... what to include?  There's the seatbelts, the emergency exits, the electronics, the "don't congregate near the pilot cuz it makes us nervous" the whole "thanks for choosing our airline" blah blah.  I think that could easiy be a verse in itself.  Which leaves me with the following.

Verse breakdown:

  1. thanks for choosing us, you're so awesome, please spend more money here

  2. we don't want to make you nervous but here's the real important shit that you're - hey can you maybe just take out one headphone so we can tell ourselves you're listening? thanks.

  3. since you are very invested in your free peanuts and mini-sodas, we're going to need you to maybe stay in your seat and not do cat-cow in the aisle during this tiny 50 minute flight where we have to all pretend like this is 5 star service.  no, we don't change foreign currency, we're SW, we don't even have a first class.

  4. Bridge:  not sure. bridges are hard for me. i'm not sure exactly what to put there, conceptually.

I think that if I do this, taking "waitress's lament" by Doria Roberts as a baseline might be a good place to start.