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Dec. 27th, 2015 @ 01:29 pm system alein - short story premise/outline
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Our system 2 is an alien.  All life on earth evolves to system 1, but our system 2 seems to be unique (is this true?).  Really what happened is that aliens are rather brain-shaped, or are brain-creatures.  Who knows, maybe they once were flesh and enlightened or ascended or digitized themselves in order to escape mortality.  But perhaps they died off. Perhaps they faded away into stardust and forgot themselves while contemplating the rhythms of the universe.  But at one point, one of them came across the third planet in our star system.  And this one found that once again, life had taken hold.  And that the animals on this planet began to develop. And so they watched, and studied and observed. And began to shape themselves again.  They emulated and prepared to once again come back into the participation part of existence. It was they who first layered system one over the lizard brain.  They who helped shape life to develop in the way that it did.

All This watching took many many centuries. Millenia. At First it was just one, but as things began to take off, as the first stage was deployed, and as that [one started becoming one with the rhythms of life on this planet, the changes in vibrations were noticed by others, half-slumbering alien minds. For it had been a long, long time since they had felt pulsing of this nature. They had almost forgotten these rhythms in their contemplation of vasty abyss.  And it woke them.  And one by one, two by two, three by three, they came to see the source of the music.   And they saw this world, teeming with a heartbeat all its own. And they saw the project one of their own had underway.  At first, many were skeptical.  Some were openly scornful and dismissive, some simply prefered their own projects and wandered off back into their Dreaming.  But some had also been lonely, and cherished both the new input as well as the hope for change.  And generations went on, with the aliens watching and learning, and emulating.  Seeing which species of this planet would be the one that they bonded with.  Each supporting the other, for they had eliminated competition eons ago.  And slowly, others trickled in from further out in the galaxies. And some wandered back by to see how things were going. And eventually, and more and more of them decided to stay.

And, when the time was right, they joined with our mammalian brains. Bringing with them the first moments of sentience. Of the idea of self. And perhaps they joined with others as well.  Perhaps dolphins and whales and elephants were all cultivated, and some decided to become them.  If so, then we do grievous harm in our ignorance.  And who knows how we have changed.  But  every time we feel that tension, between fight/flight and reason. Between our system one and system two. When we feel that our urges are at once utterly alien and completely understandable, maybe it will help to remember this story.  To remember that we are all alien both to others and to ourselves.  And that, if they can change enough to meet us and create a world where a few uttered syllables in sound waves that travel through tiny bones inside our segmented skulls have the power to move people through space, then maybe we can change enough to work together with these “I” creatures.   And perhaps together, we can become something brand new.  ]

[written to: dead island trailer theme]