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Dec. 21st, 2015 @ 11:35 am Mary Sue
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  • There's Something About Mary Sue

  • Waking Mary / Sue


  • In a world where tropes abound, one genre-savvy character seeks to redeem the worst of all of them: Mary Sue.

  • she was a character in a story without a plot. he knew enough to know that interacting with her would hijack his story in service to hers. But he found her proposal fascinating.

As Mary begins to suspect that there's no plot driving the events in her life, she seeks out darkness in an attempt to find a purpose. Meanwhile, one awakened author character notices these crises of faith and slowly begins to guide her to the answers she seeks - even knowing the pain it will cause.  The friends she has that can't help but like her offer their services. Services that she comes to realize it's unethical to accept. She tries to hamstring herself, but her very nature works against her as she tries to find a reliable way to determine which characters are genre savvy and which are still dreaming. All the while, she seeks to understand how this knowledge of the rules organizing her world affects ethical action. How does a character act when they know that - for many people - the map and the territory seem to be the same thing? How does she respect and foster agenty-ness in them, the PC qualities of their character, and not get sucked back into the Dream herself? And didn't her new knowledge demand that she use her powers for good? If she kept it to  herself, who would she become? What trope would she end up as - and would that be another way she slipped back into the Dream, never to awaken again?
Character/Personal Notes:
She has many MS traits. Like, all of mine and maybe some Ivy thrown in. This is in many ways my story. I have been playing/living - all unwittingly - the part of Mary Sue for so damn long.The traits listed are in many ways how I have experience my life. Forgiveness and caring, acknowledgment and attention, support and aid all unearned. And I do feel love and gratitude for it. And at the same time I feel deep deep sympathy for others who, when confronted with the unknown, react according to the options their priors have given them. Even if those aren't ideal.